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It's time to upgrade your test data.

How does it work? We're glad you asked.

Sudopoint uses novel algorithmic techniques to generate datasets for when you build software. Gone are the days of manually building fake data in Excel - the future is here!

Compliant with privacy regulations

Generated data is not derived, borrowed, adjusted, or taken from any real world source. Your risk of sensitive data leakage is exactly 0%.

Sometimes bigger is better

We can generate millions of rows, with special properties that you can customize, without writing any code.

Prebuilt generators that do all the work for you

Looking for birthdays this decade? Female first names? Social Security IDs? Colors? Numbers? Funny phrases? Don't worry about reinventing the wheel - our large number of existing generators will do just fine.

Sales reps and consultants rejoice!

Many teams responsible for bringing in new customers are forced to demo products using old and generic data. In other cases, trusted demo'ers have to repeatedly munge together test data tailored to each big opportunity, but don't have time to do this for everyone. No more! Now you can quickly and efficiently create what you need - and your business will flourish.

Our simple point and click user interface lets you rapidly adjust the columns and rows of your example data. It's so fast and easy that you'll wonder how you lived without it.

A quality assurance, software tester, and support team member's dream

Increasingly the standard for building software is to use "Test Driven Development", where you write tests that verify your software doesn't have any regressions in it. Quality assurance and quality engineers at your organization can use Sudopoint to generate realistic test cases that live in code forever.

Similarly, your support team fields questions and comments from customers, but doesn't have a strong mechanism to verify that "a bug is a bug". With Sudopoint, teams are increasingly able to build "customer-like" pseudo generated data.

Ultimately the success of your business is still dependent on you. But let us handle the boring stuff! We'll give you all the test data you'll ever need.


Okay I might give this a try. What do I get if I become a Sudopoint member?

"Lorem Ipsum" on Steroids

Test data for every occasion. Need to customize exactly what values are in the cell? We support that too!

Case studies

Our product has created sample data across dozens of industries, including medicine, shipping, oil, banking, insurance, and pharma!

World class support

When you reach out, you talk to an engineer who helped build the product. We don't put your needs behind answering machines and useless "give us more time" support responses.

Build your first dataset in less than a minute

We know you're in a hurry. Our priority is making sure you can get in and out with the data you need, fast.

Novel classes of generators

Want your data to auto-increment? Or maybe you want the same set of values to repeat, rather than show up randomly? We've thought through this problem in the true data engineering way, and built the product to match.

90 day Money-back Guarantee!

If you aren't blown away by the product you're using, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. We want you to be so happy that you'll evangelize for us...if we aren't there yet, you don't pay!

What are my options?

Our goal is to charge you as little as possible, but sometimes we want to add bacon to our sandwiches.

Free Trial

Try it before you buy it. You get access to the full set of Sudopoint features, but we do limit the number of rows you can download.

No time limit - take your time before deciding to purchase.


per month

Hobbyist Membership

The real stuff. As expected, you get access to the full set of features, and up to 100 rows in each download.

Recommended for students, teachers, and solo coders.


per month

Startup Membership

The full set of Sudopoint features, and 10K rows in each download!

For startups, young companies, or pressure testing. If you write a blog post about us, you'll get 3 months of this plan for free!


per month

Enterprise Partnership

Want datasets up to 1 million rows? You'll also have access to beta features like our REST API.

This is the real deal. You'll be in the driver's seat on our roadmap, and you get a founder's phone number.


per month


Pre-built Generators




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